This is our robot, Animal, built for 2016’s FIRST STEAMworks! Animal is able collect and release fuel, score gears, and climb in x seconds. Aside from serving us well during competition season, our robot to place third in FRC Top 25’s Release Night, where we competed with teams from all over the world. Our bot’s electrical board is also award winning. It placed first in AndyMark’s Awesome Wiring Contest and its unique design, coupled with our programming team’s efforts, allowed us to take home Innovation in Control at the Finger Lakes’ Regional.
Our goal across all our FIRST Teams is to help make our students and community better and inspired to do great things. Together, with the support of our school and mentors, we work everyday to achieve this goal.
Here's an example of our teams hardwork and perserverence pay off. The following video is of one of your matches from FIRST's STEAMPower Challenge from 2016, where our robot, Zoot, competed in the Finger Lakes Regional.

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