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Electric Mayhem 4930

Nichols School is honored to be the home of FRC Team 4930: Electric Mayhem. We have been proudly generating mayhem ever since 2014, and we have created multiple new FRC teams in our area, along with other teams in FIRST. By allowing our students to gain sports credit for joining the team, we produce hardworking, dedicated students who strive to become engineers and technicians.

This year's robot...

Dr. Julius StrangePork!



What is FIRST?

FIRST is a worldwide organization, inspiring kids to pursue their dreams and learn through hands on challenges in robotics and science. Our team Electric Mayhem 4930 is proud to have been participating in FIRST Robotics Competition since 2013. Along with FRC, our school participates in FIRST Lego League and FIRST Tech Challenge.

Who are we?

Electric Mayhem - FRC Team 4930

Our original FRC team, which started in 2014, has grown tremendously and led to the creation of many more teams in all areas of FIRST. The team, which was initially started by a small group of ambitious students, has grown to reach and influence multiple deteremined students across Nichols High School, and continues to expand each year. Our school offers sports credit for the team members, allowing them to focus and put in their best effort on all our fantastic robots.

Electric Mayhem - FTC Team 12736 and 12737

The newest edition to the Nichols School, Electric Mayhem family, our FTC team. This team is made up of the students of the engineering class, a senior/junior elective, in our school. By having a class become a robotics team, it not only teaches students engineering skills, it gives them a real experience of engineering work environment.

Electric Mayhem - FLL Team

The FLL Team is made up of students in Nichols Middle School. Like the Upper School, this team is made up of hardworking students, who are eager to learn and use robots. Despite being younger, our students put just as much effort into their work as any of our other teams. The students from this team generally go on to join our FRC Team or our FTC Team, or even both!

Why do we participate?

We participate because our school has an overwhelming number of students who love building, working with, and competing with robots. FIRST allows our students to gain real world knowledge, outside of the classroom. Students overcome challenges and problems they never thought they would be dealing with in High School, and prepares them for future jobs.



First Deep Space Events

Festival de Robotique a Montreal Regional

February 27 - March 2, 2019
Montreal Olympic Stadium

Central New York Regional

March 13 - March 16, 2019
SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Game Description

In DESTINATION: DEEP SPACE, Presented by The Boeing Company, we join two competing alliances collecting samples on planet Primus. Unpredictable terrain and weather patterns make remote robot operation essential to their mission on the planet. With only 2:30 until liftoff, the alliances must gather as many cargo pods as possible and prepare their spaceships before the next sandstorm arrives. For more information click here to go to FIRST's website



Say hello to our 2018 Robot, Kermit! He was built for FIRST Power Up and is able to place cubes onto both the switch and scale for this year's game. His innovate reverse four bar independent arm allows him to climb, and earned our team the Excellence in Engineering Award sponsored by Delphi at the Finger Lakes Regional. Along with this award, our team recived the Gracious Professional Award at the Greater Pittsburgh Regional.

This is our robot, Animal, built for 2017’s FIRST STEAMworks! Animal is able collect and release fuel, score gears, and climb in 10 seconds. Aside from serving us well during competition season, our robot placed third in FRC Top 25’s Release Night, where we competed with teams from all over the world. Our bot’s electrical board is also award winning. It placed first in AndyMark’s Awesome Wiring Contest and its unique design, coupled with our programming team’s efforts, allowed us to take home Innovation in Control at the Finger Lakes’ Regional.

Here's an example of our teams hardwork and perserverence pay off. The following video is of one of your matches from FIRST's STEAMPower Challenge from 2016, where our robot, Zoot, competed in the Finger Lakes Regional.


Contact Us

Our team has helped form numerous teams in our area, if you would like to reach out to learn more about us, or need help or advice starting a new team, feel free to contact our team leaders Phillip Coburn and Larry Hiller.

1250 Amherst St, Buffalo, NY 14216

Philip Coburn Phone#: 716-332-6300 x511

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